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Dec 8, 2016

Regular gun cleaning is an essential task that must be undertaken

The sportsman that has one firearm, or a whole collection for that matter, can have a real passion for the hunt. Oftentimes a great deal of time and energy is spent in researching new or different products out on the market; new locations to scout out; and possibly new methods or procedures to try on their next expedition. Anything that may improve their chances for success. Continue reading »

Dec 8, 2016

Cloud computing: How it Works

Cloud computing is a technology that provides on-demand access to a variety of computing resources over an internet connection from anywhere, anytime. Cloud computing resources include servers, storage, and applications. This technology is available to everyone in the world. Some cloud computing services are free while others are paid for. All you need to use cloud-computing services is knowledge of how to use the services and ability to pay for paid services. There are three classes of this technology including public, private, and hybrid. Public cloud services can be accessed by anyone while private cloud technology is restricted to a specific organization or group of people. Hybrid clouds are private clouds that have the same features as public clouds, but are limited to particular individuals or organizations. An example of cloud computing is web mail that allows you to access your emails from any computer provided there is an internet connection. Continue reading »

Aug 7, 2016

Selecting Window Shades

Window shades come in a wide range of styles and materials and are designed to meet various functions. A light filtering shade lets light pass through it but does not offer enough privacy. On the contrary, a room darkening shade offers enough privacy, but allows less light into a room. Bedrooms and bathrooms need window coverings or dark window shades for maximum privacy. Continue reading »

Sep 10, 2015

5 Tips for Buying Sputtered Coatings

Conductive coatings are an important part of physical vapor deposition (PVD) processes. If you’ve never bought any before, however, you may find yourself at a loss about the best kinds of products and the best kinds of deals. Here are just five ways to take some of the mysticism out of the topic and help you make a smart purchase decision. Continue reading »

May 21, 2015

Mass Production Blending: Stepping Up Your Small Business

Sometimes, a small business can catch a big break and be thrust into an environment where mass production is needed. Instead of using hand blenders and manually packaging product, success of the business may mean increasing productivity. If your business is on the verge of getting such recognition, it may be time to step up the capacity of the organization. Continue reading »

Dec 6, 2014

What is a Water Monitoring System?

Water monitoring systems have a number of uses in various industries, including the food and beverage industry and the manufacturing industry. These systems use electricity to monitor the water levels and the amount of water used to ensure that the levels remain even. These systems often include a number of different parts that you should learn about before you buy one. Continue reading »

Dec 6, 2014

Properly Caring for a Firearm

Anyone who has served in the armed services, and especially the Marine Corps, knows the importance of keeping a firearm ready for service. Recruits spend a lot of in boot camp learning how to clean and lubricate their weapons. The fundamental reason for this focus is that such weapons must function in all conditions, and keeping them clean is essential for achieving this goal.

When a rifle or pistol is shot, even with blanks during training, a number of chemicals and corrosive elements are discharged into the chamber and barrel of the weapon. Left without cleaning, these materials will cause a number of problems. Pitting of the barrel is a common occurrence, and this can impede both accuracy and the durability of the firearm. Additionally, dirt, grime and oil will accumulate in even the tiniest areas and, over time, cause jams and other problems. Continue reading »

Sep 23, 2014

WeChat Stick-It-To-Win-It PROMO: Your Movie Date is Free!

Popular social network and messaging app WeChat is giving away an early Ber-months treat to its mobile users from September 22 to October 6, 2014 via its new “Stick-It-To-Win-It PROMO!” Simply share your favorite WeChat stickers with friends for your chance to win free movie tickets!

To join, follow these simple steps:
1) Download the WeChat app for free at
2) Send stickers to your friends and loved ones in any Group Chat (at least 3 friends per group, valid within promo period).
3) Winners will be notified immediately within the WeChat app with an SM Cinema e-coupon code. Redeem the promo code for movie tickets at any SM Cinema branch nationwide.

WeChat will be giving away 1,500 SM Cinema e-coupon movie tickets worth P200 each. So download the app today and send stickers everyday to increase your chances to win!

*For extra bonus prizes, like the WeChat Facebook page or share and tag us! so nice

Created by Tencent, one of the top 3 largest Internet companies in the world, WeChat is changing the way social-media-savvy Filipinos communicate with their friends and family all over the world.



About WeChat


WeChat envisions and innovates new ways for people to connect, communicate and share. A mobile social communication app designed for smartphone users, WeChat is the world’s fastest growing social app with 438 million monthly active users. WeChat empowers users in fun dynamic ways by bringing together communications, social and gaming in one seamless, interactive experience, with comprehensive privacy and security settings that can be tailored as needed.


WeChat is available free for download on Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian and Windows operating system. For more information visit: Like us on Facebook: And check out our official Chatterbox blog:

Sep 23, 2014

Advantages of a Lithium Designed Portable Starter

If you are looking for a portable power supply to use as an emergency starter for your aircraft, you need to look at the technology that is being used with lithium batteries. Although the traditional lead-acid batteries can still be purchased, there are several advantages to using a lithium design for an emergency starter unit for your small to medium size aircraft.

These units are lightweight and smaller
Typically a lithium starter supply will weigh anywhere from 20 to 30 lbs. In general, this represents 40 percent less weight than using a lead-acid equivalent battery. This is light enough that it can be carried by hand in the case of an emergency. A lithium design will be about a third smaller in volume. Both a smaller size and lighter weight make them more portable than ever before.

They are easy to transport yet powerful
They are made with a handle that makes them easy to pick up and carry from point A to Point B. Even though they are small, they can be purchased with a compatible power rating with your aircraft’s power system. There is no sacrifice of power due to their smaller size.

Lithium batteries last longer
By utilizing a lithium battery in a starter supply, the battery life of the unit is at a minimum twice as long as seen with lead-acid types. Much of this is due to the nature of lithium batteries. They can be recharged after the starter unit is used, and the recharging unit is built into the starter unit. Because these starter power supplies are portable and lightweight, they can be easily carried to a convenient power source for charging.

Lithium batteries store easily
With lithium, you will not experience the damage that is often seen with the terminals of a lead-acid battery. The worst part of using a lead-acid battery system for emergency startup is when you go to use it in an emergency and find that the unit is not working properly because the battery has degraded due to sulfation. This is a problem for all lead-acid batteries and is a good reason not to depend upon them in an emergency.

Better for the environment
Lithium ion battery cells are not harmful to the environment and can be easily recycled compared to lead-acid batteries.

This type of lithium portable starting unit is sold by several companies. One example of a company that offers this type of product is Start Pac.

Sep 6, 2014

Access Control

There are several benefits to installing turnstiles in your business whether it’s a courthouse or sports arena. You will find that they are excellent physical barriers. When you don’t want people entering a certain area of the building, you can lock the turnstile so that it won’t move. This will keep everyone in line until you are ready to open the area to let more people inside. It is also a way to keep people from getting into a business before it opens.

These are a cost effective way to control access. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on electric devices as the turnstile is a few pieces of metal that are put together. They aren’t technically difficult to operate, and you won’t have to worry about all of the electrical components that you would see with sliding doors or revolving doors. Most turnstiles operate on a system that has a small gate that turns when someone goes through. There are a few gates so that only one person enters at a time, making it easier to control the access of numerous people at once. When you have employees who no longer work for the company, you can set the turnstile to not accept the access card. This will prevent the employee from trying to get back inside the company on another day. Click here for pictures of turnstiles and the various uses for them.

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