Nov 28, 2008

Goodbye, Hello UIQ3!

Yes, indeed, its officially dead a long long time ago. Late October this year, Patrick Olson from Sony Ericsson announced that they wont be realeasing new updates for their UIQ3 Smartphone platfoms (G900,G700,W960i,P990i,p1i etc) at the Symbian Smartphone Show in London. I really don’t know their primary reason but it looks like these UIQ3 babies wasnt able to attract the masses or fanbases. As what Patrick Olson said,

“Or rather it didn’t make it”

Sounds that its already official huh? Is it really RIP to our beloved UIQ3s?

I dont think so. This smartphone that we’re holding right now still has a future. It might wont get anymore updates but who cares? Afterall it’s rock solid stable as hell!

We wont stop here. . .

Please stay tuned for more updates.

Nov 27, 2008

Hacking Hidden Folders: P1i

Today I’ll be starting to post some useful tips on modding my beloved Sony Ericsson P1i. I know its a bit late but there are a lot of new P1i users out there that yet to be enlightened that their lil baby can actually be modded to its fullest.

Now I hear you say, “Why Sony Ericsson P1i of all the phones?”. Well for some reason, its operating system (UIQ3) has been hacked by some rocket scientists who came back from Mars in 2007. Im not that sure though of the date but the most important part is that it has been hacked and there are holes that has been opened that Sony Ericsson tried to hide from their patrons.

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Nov 27, 2008

The 21st Awit Awards Night

Last night we were given free invites to the “21st Awit Awards” held in Eastwood City, Libis. We weren’t able to take digital-high-end photos cause we still haven’t got any of those DLSR cams that shoots flawless photos. We were at the front row seats and have our “media” IDs. So I thought “Why not take pictures?”. And so I took my Sony Ericsson P1i pda phone and started shooting beside the pros. Moral lesson? Don’t spend too much money building your high end rig. lol

*Those pictures (above) were the aftermath of taking photos using Sony Ericcson P1i.

Nov 27, 2008

The New Zune

Here goes the first look to a new gens of stuff. Introducing the third-gen of it’s kind – The Microsoft Zune.

It’s basically the same old Zune that most enthusiasts crave for with some, well, not so major changes. There are some new features but they’re just siblings to its old gens.

While Apple is still making prototypes and updates to their ipods/touches, Microsoft just boosts its capacities while dropping its prices. Well, at least there’s still a good news to that. This baby is just about the size of our granny’s ipod measuring 3.6×1.6×0.3in (HWD). Its comes with a bright 1.8in , boasting 320×240 pixel screen.

When it comes to images, this Zune can display a pretty sharp, crisps images supporting JPG files. I just don’t prefer a small screen but this surely will satisfy your eyes. And oh, did I hear you asking if it even go wireless? Well the answer’s yes dear. It can be sync to an 802.11g WiFi.

This player aint that bad at all. But theres still the feel of an ipod when Im touching it. I just dunno why but it really dissapoints me when players nowaday do look like ipods. Should we blame Apple about it?

Nov 24, 2008

Nikon D60 Review

With 2.5 inches screen, Nikon’s D60 is a great camera with superb picture quality.

Anti-dust system & Eye sensor

What I like about Nikon D60, it has an anti-dust system. When you see the anti-dust system symbol appears, it’s cleaning the sensor and it is kept clean automatically. This feature is very important to a professional photographer. It prevents you from doing some editing. It also has a eye-sensor that turns off the LCD soon as the optical viewfinder is used.

Small and Compact

Nikon D60 only weighs 495g. The size of this camera is smaller compared to other SLR. So it easy to carry around.


Also, Nikon D60 is so simple. It reduced the number of buttons which make it user-friendly.


Another highlight feature of this product is its supplied lens. Nikon D60 comes with Nikkor DR 18-55mm Vibration Reduction (VR) lens. This is a good feature for people who have shaky hands like me. Not only this lens is so compact and lightweight, it also focuses quickly and it has a built-in optical image stabilizer. This len’s feature counters handshaking of your camera. It gives you more flexibility when shooting hand-held.

Picture Quality

With 10 megapixes, this camera produces very pretty sharp pictures. With 30 seconds Nikon D60’s maximum shutter speed, it produces superb night pictures. The image quality of this camera is so excellent.

My Opinion

With it’s great features I mentioned above, Nikon D60 is absolutely a recommendable camera.

Nov 11, 2008

Now open: Apple Online Store, Philippines.

Good news, Filipinos! Today, Apple officially unveiled a local version of their world famous online store for the Philippines. Yes, an Apple Online Store for the Philippines is now officially open, and Apple is offering their entire product line in the said store with free shipping nationwide.

In typical Apple Online Store fashion, there’s also a free engraving service for iPods, and a toll-free number which anyone in the Philippines can call for free. The number to call is 1800-1651-0525. Apple is also offering free Apple t-shirts to buyers from now until November 24th. Not exactly as good a deal as free MacBooks, but hey! At least they’ve opened the store, which is what many of us Filipinos have been eagerly waiting for. 🙂

To visit the Apple Online Store Philippines, go to Do it, before today’s news becomes history.

Jul 3, 2008

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T300

Finding the right camera is not easy, especially when there are so many cameras to choose from. My sister recommends Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T300. So I decided to check it out.


  • 10.1 Mega Pixels with Super HAD CCD
  • Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar with 5x Optical Zoom
  • 3.5″ 16:9 Wide and Touch LCD Screen
  • Smile Shutter
  • Intelligent Scene Recognition
  • Bionz Image Processing Engine
  • Super SteadyShot
  • High ISO3200 Sensitivity with Clear RAW Noise Reduction

DSC-T300 is the latest in its line of touch-controlled slim digital cameras.

Smile Shutter: Sony’s revolutionary Smile Shutter Feature is designed to automatically snap only when the person is smiling. Simply select Smile Shutter from the scene selection mode and you are ready to shoot picture-prefect smiles.

Also, this camera can differentiate between the faces of children and adults. Simply select “child priority” or “adult priority,” and the camera will automatically detect up to eight faces in the camera frame, adjusting focus, exposure, white balance and flash for the subjects that matter most.

But if you are into details, DSC T300 has a problem with picture quality. Photos generally look soft and noisy, with haloing along edges. Picture quality does not quite match up to the very best.

LOVE: Fast performance; tons of handy image editing and playback features; smile shutter feature; 3.5-inch touch screen Clear Photo LCD PlusTM LCD screen for easy navigation and framing

HATE: Soft, noisy photos

The bottom line: If your main consideration is design, as long as the camera can still take a decent snap, then the DSC T300 is well worth considering.

Jun 28, 2008

8 Megapixel Sony Ericsson C905 is coming

If you like the 5 megapixel Sony Ericsson K850, wait till you see the 8 Megapixel Sony Ericsson C905.

Sony Ericsson has announced a new 8.1-megapixel camera phone as it takes the fight to the digital camera market head on.

The C905 is Sony Ericsson’s first Cyber-shot slider and its most advanced camera phone yet. With an 8.1 megapixel camera and real camera flash amongst its cutting-edge capabilities, it offers easy photo-taking in a phone that derives its looks from a digital camera and offers the picture quality to match. IThe C905 is a powerful 8.1 megapixel camera phone that looks, feels and acts like a real camera.

Key features of the 8 Megapixel Sony Ericsson C905

* Complete digital camera experience on a phone – true digital camera styling and an 8.1 megapixel camera with Xenon flash
* Outstanding picture quality – complete with face detection auto-focus, smart contrast and image stabilizer
* From baby’s first steps to an amazing sunset; store them all on the 2GB Memory Stick Micro™ (M2®) included
* The USB adaptor (CCR-70) provided in-box allows for easy transfer of your photos to-and-from your PC.
* View high-quality pictures on the phones impressive 2.4” scratch-resistant mineral glass display
* Share your memories – send your photos wirelessly from your phone to your TV via Wi-Fi™ (using DLNA), or connect with wires using the TV-Out Cable ITC-60, also announced today
* Upload photos to your own online blogsite or print your photos with fantastic resolution up to A3 size
* Much more than a camera phone – GPS-enabled for geo-tagging of photos and navigation support.

The C905 Cyber-shot™ will be available in three colours (Night Black, Ice Silver and Copper Gold) in selected markets from Q4 2008. It will support the following networks:

* C905: GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 UMTS/HSDPA 2100.
* C905a: GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 UMTS/HSDPA 850/1900/2100
* C905c: GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900.

Isn’t it worth waiting for?

Jun 6, 2008

Coming July 11th the iPhone 3G

July 11, 2008, the 3G iPhone will reach the snatching hands of the crazed public. Some of the features sported by this popular device include:

• built-in GPS (A-GPS)
• support for 3G networks
• additional language support
• enhanced email handling
• MobileMe for managing your email, calendar, contacts etc…
• 3.5 inch display
• 8GB or 16GB flash drive
• WiFi and Bluetooth
• 2 megapixel camera with photo geotagging (not sure what that means or how it will work)
• and much more…

The 3G iPhone is presented with the lines: “Twice as fast. Half the price.” The price will start at $199.

Lucky for those in the States and the UK, they will be able to get the iPhone 3G on July 11th, the price that was revealed at the WWDC 2008 is $199 which is very affordable indeed.

The iPhone 3G will now be affordable for near on everyone, you will be able to get a 16GB model for $299 which comes in black or white versions, remember back when the 8GB first iPhone came out with price tag of $599 which now sells for $399. The 8GB Apple 3G iPhone will only cost $199. “70 countries this year. We’re going to start with 22 of the biggest, rolling out the iPhone 3G at the same time in all of these countries. July 11.”
This means the maximum amount you will pay around the world for the 16GB model will be $199. The 3G iPhone is the most amazing phone to date there is no doubting that especially with the fact and of course now official with having fast 3G wireless technology, support for enterprise features like Microsoft Exchange and GPS mapping. This new phone makes the first iPhone which I have now look stupid. This new device redefines what a mobile phone really can do and more. This is technology at its best.

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