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PS3 Users

June 28, 2009 montsch 0

I’m planning to buy a new gaming console, and I’m eying on Sony Playstation 3 or PS3. But I want to know if I’m making […]

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iPhone 3GS Availability

June 19, 2009 montsch 0

iPhone 3GS Availability: iPhone 3GS, the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet, is now available starting at $199. iPhone 3GS is available at all 2,200+ AT&T […]

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iPhone 3.0 features list

June 17, 2009 montsch 0

Apple releases iPhone 3.0 update, launches long list of new features Here’s the iphone 3.0 features list 1. Forward or Delete Individual Messages 2. Email […]

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Wholesale Products

June 10, 2009 montsch 0

My apology for not updating the blog recently, I was busy working and looking for some wholesale clothes. My wife and I are looking for […]