Sony Dream Machine Camera

There are all different types of products that hide little cameras within them. Some are as small as keychains and others slightly larger objects like tissue boxes or other random items. Some of which if inspected very closely at all, someone would notice that something wasn’t quite right. Well this Sony Dream Machine Camera might actually keep people plenty fooled. It’s already an electronic, so having a lot of buttons isn’t something that’s out of the ordinary.

Besides being a hidden camera, it also functions as a clock for wherever you need a camera. It will record video both day and night, come night time it will just conveniently switch to night vision all on its own. It can record in real-time and flip on automatically when it senses any motion. It can also take pictures instead of shooting video. You can set it to record on specific days and times or set it to the motion sensor. You can purchase it for $599.95
Source: Ubergizmo

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