Lexar Memory Stick Micro (M2) and SDHC memory cards

Lexar continues its march in the world of storage space where memory cards are concerned, and this time round they will target hardcore gamers or just casual gamers who are looking for a reliable data storage solution of all their important gaming data. After all, wouldn’t it be a real damper to find out that the hundreds of hours you’ve spent investing in playing an RPG to bring your party up to near deity-like powers disappear in a puff of smoke just because the game data stored on a particular memory card is corrupted due to a hardware defect? Lexar hopes to prevent that heartache from happening to you with their new gaming-centric Memory Stick Micro and SDHC memory cards.

These new gaming memory cards from Lexar will come in 4GB and 8GB capacities, offering gamers the ability to store critical gaming data and information including cheat codes, checkpoints, custom settings, high scores, bonus materials, and player profiles while having peace of mind whenever the console is switched off. Apart from that, the new gaming memory cards also allow gamers to keep and manage games as well as downloaded multimedia content for future reference/use when the need arises.

The Lexar Gaming M2 card would most probably see the most action on Sony’s PSPgo and other Sony M2 devices, and for folks who are still gaming on their Sony PSPs, Lexar has the Gaming Memory Stick PRO Duo card all nicely wrapped up for you as well. As for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DSi owners, you will be able to choose from the new Lexar Gaming SDHC card. The M2 will come in 4GB and 8GB capacities as with the SDHC card, whie the Gaming Memory Stick PRO Duo card will have both flavors in addition to a smaller 2GB capacity. All purchases will come with a 5-year limited warranty. No matter how reliable a piece of hardware claims to be, we would still recommend you make a backup somewhere. After all, you never know when Murphy might strike.

I wonder if they have something for cell phones. For sure, it will be great.

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