The Real Time Canvas Clock shows current time

Lately I’ve been thinking of replacing my wall clock and going for something completely different and with this Canvas Clock that’s exactly what I’ve found. Printed onto a pretty white canvas is nothing more than a clock. However, instead of purely being an image like it initially appears, it actually tells you the current time. It’s a great way for you to have that tabletop clock look except on your wall.

The hands of the clock are the only real parts, the rest are just something printed onto the canvas. To control it and change out the batteries you just remove the canvas from the wall and work it all from the back. It only requires a single AA battery, which is of course not included. The whole thing measures 29.7 cm long. You can purchase it through Latest Buy for $36.56.

So if it is time for your best anti aging product, you just need to look at your canvass.

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