Transcend Goggles gives you your skiing stats

Have you ever been skiing and feels like you are missing something? Skiing will never be the same again with this new technology developed by Transcend which enables you to see some information right in front of your eye while skiing.

These Transcend Goggles come from Recon Instruments and Zeal Optics.  They come with GPS and a display on the inside of the goggles.

That display will tell you things like your coordinates, outdoor conditions, speed, altitude, total distance, the temperature and number of runs.  You can even use it as a stopwatch and a clock.

So whether skiing is part of your colon cleansing diet exercises or if you’re just doing this for fun, these pair of goggles still rocks!

Prices for the Transcend range from $399(USD) for the SPX model with a polarized lens to $499 for the SPPX version with a polarized and photochromic (automatic transitioning) lens.

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