Cybertecture Mirror

“Mirror mirror on the wall…” You might heard this thousands of time since you were introduced to some fairy tale flicks. But can that mirror on the wall could really be better if it’s induced with technology bursting features?

James Law, the Cybertecture Mirror designer, could simply say yes. This Cybertecture Mirror has a translucent overlaid interface and measures 800 x 500 x 50 mm. It has fog resistant glass, IP41 waterproofing, WiFi, as well as some stereo speakers with 10 Watts of power output.

This high tech mirror allows the user to store all their data and access messages, weather, calendar and email.

Quite amazed? Hush now and ready your fairy taley sexy costumes in front of this luscious mirrors and ask again “whose the prettiest of them all?”.

The Cybertecture Mirror just launched in Hong Kong for a price of $7,773, and the company expects to sell two million years in the first three years.

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