iTell Voice Recorder and Story Teller

Remember the days when digital slideshows are not yet invented and we still use photo albums to store our precious pictures? We usually wants to reminisce about what happened or what it is on the picture that makes us smile or cry and usually there is a date and a paragraph on the back of each picture explaining what’s up on the picture.

Yes, digital slideshows today are much more compact, way too cooler “way” to serve us as our document management system at times but having a photo album handy for your guests is sweeter.

The point is you can now forget about writing dates and phrases at the back of  your pictures now that this iTell Voice Recorder & Story Teller that can record your voice message about about each photo in your album.

All you need to do is attach some kind of specially coded stickers to the photos and then scan each one with your this iTell to record your voice labelling each of your pictures. Can you picture it now?

This is really a great gift idea this coming holidays and I will be expecting one of these as a Christmas gift in the near future.

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