ASUS Super Alloy Power Graphics Cards Announced

Based on the new Barts GPU technology from AMD, the ASUS HD6870 DirectCU graphics card (EAH6870 DC/2DI2S/1GD5) ships with new and exclusive ASUS Super Alloy Power technology, which blends various metals and elements using an exclusive ASUS formula, resulting in a 15% performance increase*, 2.5 times longer product lifespan* and 35°C cooler operation*. Alongside Super Alloy Power, proprietary ASUS Voltage Tweak overclocking technology delivers 50%* faster clock speeds at up to 1372MHz. The new card also incorporates exclusive DirectCU copper heatpipes that speed up heat dissipation through direct contact with the GPU.

Product Highlights

  • The self-designed ASUS HD6870 DirectCU joins the ASUS lineup of Barts-based graphics cards with a safe and stable pre-set factory overclock of the core to 915MHz, which is 10MHz above reference. The design also features 1120 stream processors and 1GB of GDDR5 video memory. This new graphics card enables truly smooth PC gaming at the highest detail settings and resolutions of 1920 x 1200 and above. It is a genuine hardcore model with DirectCU cooling that uses flattened copper heat pipes in direct contact with the GPU for cooler performance compared to generic designs, making it a must-buy for performance-tuning enthusiasts.
  • The ASUS HD6870 DirectCU debuts Super Alloy Power technology, a revolutionary ASUS innovation based on a new alloy blended using an exclusive ASUS formula. This alloy is highly-magnetic, heat-resistant and anti-corrosive to reduce power loss, enhance durability and achieve cooler operation. Super Alloy Power technology represents a milestone of ASUS research and development innovation, going beyond just finding the right metals. It also signifies a major accomplishment in overcoming the challenges of producing technology that can operate under extreme pressure and temperatures. ASUS Super Alloy Power is implemented on key components, including Super Alloy Chokes, Super Alloy Capacitors, Super Alloy MOS and the Super Hybrid Engine. These allow users to get the most out of their hardware with a 15% performance boost*, 2.5 times longer lifespan* and 35°C cooler operation*.
    1. Unlike traditional chokes, Super Alloy Chokes run 35°C cooler* and eliminate buzzing noise under load.
    2. Super Alloy Capacitors increase the card’s lifespan to 150,000 hours, which is 2.5 times longer* than traditional capacitors.
    3. Super Alloy Capacitors and MOS increase the card’s maximum voltage threshold by 30%*.
    4. Super Hybrid Engine technology acts as an intelligent power consumption optimizer, switching between high intensity and low intensity power profiles in real time for a 15% performance boost*.
  • Exclusive ASUS Voltage Tweak technology makes the most of the increased tolerances of the ASUS HD6870 DirectCU. This overclocking interface makes it easy for users to increase voltages to the GPU core, video memory and board to raise card speeds by 50%* to 1372MHz — a major advantage much sought after by hardcore gamers.

* Subject to specific graphics card model, system configuration and usage. Results may vary.


Model ASUS EAH6870 DC/2DI2S/1GD5
*DirectCU shown as “DC” in model name
Graphics engine AMD Radeon™ HD6870
Bus standard PCI Express® 2.1
Video memory 1GB GDDR5
Engine clock 915MHz
Stream processors 1120
Memory clock 4200MHz (1050MHz GDDR5)
Memory interface 256-bit
DVI max resolution 2560 x 1600
D-Sub max resolution 1920 x 1080
D-Sub output YES X1 (Via DVI to D-Sub adapter)
DVI output YES X1 (native dual-link DVI-I)

YES X1 (native single-link DVI-D)

YES X1 (Via DVI to HDMI adapter)
HDMI output YES
HDCP compliant YES X2 (native standard DisplayPort)
DisplayPort YES X1 (Via DVI to D-Sub adapter)
Adapters and cables bundled 1x DVI to D-Sub adapter
1x DVI to HDMI adapter
1x CrossFire bridge
1x power cable
Software bundled ASUS utilities and driver
Dimensions 9.5” x 5”

So what are you waiting for guys! Go out now of your whirlpools and head on the nearest ASUS authorized dealers today!

Product specifications and features may change without prior notice. Check for details.

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