Weight Watchers Electronic Tracker & Points Calculator

A new year means a new you, right? Well, if you want to work out the holiday excesses, then the Weight Watchers Electronic Tracker & Points Calculator will certainly come in handy. This is a unique calculator that boasts of a daily tracker that is a snap to use, letting you calculate the points values of your favorite foods in a jiffy. Perfect if you’re using forslean or if carefully planned diet plan is thrown off track because your boss invites you and the missus out for dinner at a fancy restaurant, then you can start counting all those points acquired during dinner to work them off later on. Since it sports a pretty compact form factor, you can just about carry it with you anywhere you go. The daily points tracker as mentioned earlier will let you save your daily points target while making sure you stay within the expected range. Using it is a no-brainer – just press the points key, enter the total fat grams as well as the dietary fiber grams and you’re good to go!

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