Free App: Splashtop Desktop Remote for iOS and Andriod

Free app alert!

Ever wished to play your Mac or PC games remotely without any cluttered wires? Well here is your chance to take advantage of this free app (free at least for the next 3 hours) that enables you to navigate through your desktop Mac or PC by using your iPhone, iPod touch or an Android device.

You can also browse the internet (including flash), stream music from your music gallery and watch videos of any format directly into your phone! A bit of a problem though, if you don’t have a wireless router, that is, is that it uses a wifi signal to communicate with your smartphone.

It’s a pretty good app considering that its the only remote desktop app around, as of writing, that offers audio and video streaming using your desktop’s web browser.

Get the app here and get it for free for a limited time. Regular price is at $24.99 for iPhone, ipod touch and Android. Ipad version is at $.99 for a limited time only.

[source: splashtop]

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