[Editorial] Why Facebook should not charge its users

One thing that I that hate about social media is that when something is just ‘said’, most people will buy it.

Earlier this morning, I was awaken by one (twitter) notification on my phone just like some Holiday Party Invitations that I often receive. It says ‘Facebook will start charging its users’ with a link in it. Although a bit of me just laughed at just the thought of the idea, I ebulliently clicked the included link. And there I had it! I knew right away that I was looking at some big ‘BS’ time.

Facebook then denied it afterwards with this statement:

In my guileless opinion, I don’t think Facebook should charge its users for so many ‘free’ reasons. To begin, with Facebook’s revenue fountain is created by its users’  interactions. Most people don’t really know anything about it but yes, they make millions out of our existence. Making a pro or a paid version or whatever you might want to call it, to Facebook, would just corrupt the whole idea, big time!

Facebook is a very big ad company nowadays. They recently announced a lot of changes to their social platform that includes the timeline and some Open-Graph enabled apps. These new changes to Open Graph allows Facebook to target ads much more precisely as it aims for people to tell a certain brand when they update their status. In the near future, people will know “Mary ‘bought’ an apple in ‘Groupon'” which directly targets Mary’s friend to check ‘Groupon’ out.

These are only some of the reasons I’ll be citing out why Facebook should not charge its users because to begin with, people should not talk about it for its really impossible to happen.

Do you think Facebook should charge its users? Why or why not? Tell us your thoughts below.

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