Garmin Unveils 2012 Line of In-car Portable Nuvi GPS Devices

I’ve been a passionate lover of cars for a long time, I love every single part about these street machines. I love the sound, speed and especially the looks of these rolling masterpieces. I used to collect plastic model cars when I was younger.

So as soon as I got my driver license, I started borrowing my parents’ vehicle until I got my own car. I just want to drive everywhere and anywhere but the problem is I have no sense of directions. Good thing, there’s Garmin!

Garmin is the biggest consumer GPS producer that has become almost tantamount with “GPS”. Garmin began in 1989 and has a continuum of making preeminent GPS products.

Speaking of Garmin, Garmin has unveiled its 2012 in-car portable GPS navigator line, simplifying its model tier structure, offering significant free map and traffic updates, and expanding its ultra-thin (9mm) models.


The new tiers include Essential, Advanced, and Prestige models.

The Essential tier, which consists of nüvi 30/40/50 series devices, will offer basic navigation, text-to-speech, and 3D maps

The Advanced tier, which launches with the nüvi 2405 and nüvi 2505, is where the real action begins. It uses Garmin’s new Guidance 2.0, described by Garmin as “a new navigation engine with a faster, more intuitive user interface… faster routing and map displays… ability to see and select businesses on the map…” Some models in the advanced series will include voice-activated, hands-free operation.

Finally, the Prestige tier will feature the company’s high-end devices and Guidance 3.0, which adds myTrends for remembering favorite route destinations and figuring out where the driver is headed without having to program it in first. The Prestige line also includes Safe Texting, which lets you send and receive texts hands-free using your voice, plus Bird’s Eye, an upgrade of photoReal junction view that highlights the right lanes in complex highway interchanges from overhead instead of just in 3D. In addition, Prestige devices also get HD Radio-infused, digital 3D traffic, which offers updates every 30 seconds.

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