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Happy New Year!

December 31, 2012 montsch 0

As 2013 is approaching and I want to end 2012 with a bang! My original plan was to have a giveaway where one of my […]

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WHOIS that?

December 30, 2012 montsch 0

Today the telephone rings. Do you merely answer? Chances are you check the caller-id. Apart from avoiding annoying calls, it provides management capabilities. While annoying […]

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Coolest Bathroom Gadgets

December 19, 2012 montsch 0

Technology and gadgets have been utilised to improve every area of the home, from your lounge to your kitchen. And that includes the bathroom too. […]

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Vaping flavors

December 15, 2012 montsch 0

Does anyone else think that vaping flavors is awesome? Aside from the advantages I mentioned before, one of the perks of vaping is having your favorite flavor. […]

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Advantages of Vaping

December 9, 2012 montsch 0

I’ve been smoking for years now, but I decided to stop because of some health issues. Actually, it was my friend who influenced me to […]