Get a Piece of the Pie–Make Money with iPhone Apps

iPhones are becoming increasingly popular, and more and more people use them.  The growth potential over the next few years to decade is impressive.  As iPhones become more and more common, people who don’t yet have one will find that they need one to function in our society, much like people years ago found they needed a home phone, then an answering machine, and then Internet access at home.

If you already have an iPhone, there are some ways you can make money with apps.

Create Apps

If you are a designer or programmer and you have a hot idea, you can make a significant amount of money designing your own iPhone app.  However, be aware that there are already more than 350,000 iPhone apps out there, so your idea needs to meet a need and be unique.  Competition is fierce. reports that, “Apple receives between 8,500 and 10,000 application submissions every week” for iPhone apps.

However, making money from iPhone apps can be lucrative.  One blogger, Pat Flynn of makes approximately $2,000 every month for iPhone apps that he has developed.

Use Apps to Make Money

Okay, we aren’t all designers and programmers, and we can’t all make money as Pat Flynn does.  (I swear, he has the Midas touch!)  However, there are still ways for regular every day people to make money with iPhone apps. is an app that lets you complete tasks and make money while running errands around town.  Going to a restaurant for lunch?  If GigWalk has a task for this restaurant, you may have to simply take a picture of the menu to make a few bucks.   To use this app and get paid, you must have a PayPal account.  PayPal will also take a cut which can be significant if you are only making a few bucks for each job. is another app similar to Gigwalk that can make you money, though there are a few important differences.  Field Agent’s tasks must be completed within a small window, say two hours, and it is competitive.  Some of the best jobs may go to those who have already proven they get quality work done on time.  A nice benefit of Field Agent is that the company takes care of the PayPal fees, so you don’t lose any of your hard earned money to PayPal.

AppRewards won’t earn you a lot of money, but if you love trying out new apps, it may be perfect for you.  Try out new apps or even watch a video about the apps and get points.  Earn enough points, and you can cash them out for a $10 PayPal deposit.  Since each app only earns about 10 points, only use this program if you already plan on trying out new apps.

While smart phones are often indispensible, they are not cheap.  However, they can save you money, allowing you to shop for the best deals.  Now, they can also help you make money.  Win win!

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