Creating the Best Mobile Site For Your Customers

You want to offer your customer’s an optimal experience on whatever device they access you from –  smartphone, tablet, or desktop. However, what makes for a great experience depends on which device your visitors are using. With a desktop site, you are able to wow your visitors with fancy graphics and photos – but that doesn’t mean that those same things will work on you mobile website design.

A mobile customer’s needs are different. You want to satisfy the needs of someone who is on the go. What customer’s desire is a site that they can easily access, and use quickly and painlessly. Fancy design, which works well on desktop sites, does not translate well for the mobile user. Utility trumps design on the mobile website.

What Your Mobile User Wants

For an optimized mobile site, a simple mobile website design becomes a primary aspect of importance. Keep your mobile site easy to use by avoiding the over-use of images, easy navigation, and by anticipating the needs of the customer.

A great way to build your mobile site is to consider what functions will make using the site more effective. Keep the design simple and make sure to include user-friendly features, suck as one-click access to e-mail, call features, mobile maps, and “buy now” options. By doing this you are providing your customer with a seamless, problem free, online experience.

Learn From Other Well-Built Mobile Sites

Think about what, as a consumer yourself, has made for a great experience on other mobile sites. The features you appreciate about other mobile websites will likely also be appreciated for your own. However, just as important it is to consider your own experience and desires from a mobile site, it is just as important to remember that not all mobile users use the same device. Make sure the features you use will translate properly across the wide variety of devices that people use.

Keeping Track of Progress

Another important design aspect that differs from your desktop website is that it uses an m-dot url. This will allow Google to track your analytics and index them properly – which will in turn help you track the usage of you respective sites. Keeping up to date with how your sites are used is essential to making sure the needs of your visitors are being met. With this in mind, it is also beneficial to get feedback from your site-users, and make adjustments and changes accordingly. Remember that your site it there to service your customers, and you want to make the experience as good as possible.

Building an optimal experience for your customers is easy with a great mobile website design. But maintaining a site is an ongoing process. To stay up-to-date with your services and your customer’s needs, you want to be continuously adapting the design to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. The ways people access sites is constantly changing, and you want to be sure that your site’s offer favorable experiences for all types of visitors.

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