Spice Mobiles – Climbing the ladder One Step at a time

Surviving without mobile phones in the existing world is almost impossible. Except the diamond studded ones, mobile phones are no more status symbol; it is more of a crucial gadget in everyone’s life today. Though there are numerous multi-national mobile manufacturing companies to offer advanced and stylish featured phones, purchasing a cell phone at cheap rate without compromising with features is hardly found.

In such hard times came a respite when an indigenous mobile manufacturing company Spice came with its versatile range of products in the ultra-competitive cell phone market in India. The Spice team brought classy, sassy and affordable mobile handsets that none would have ever imagined. Built on latest technology; spice mobiles soon gained reputation in the telecom market for its strategic management and marketing skills by making use of aggressive marketing and innovative ads in India.

Though new in the industry, the company became well known in a short span. Perhaps, it is first Indian company to offer dual sim phone to users. It allowed users to enjoy both CDMA and GSM technology in one handset. The innovative thinking of the company rightly catered to the needs of users who were seriously looking for carrying a single phone with dual sims. This uniqueness fetched Spice a brand name in industry, which offered good battery backup, dual sim facility, latest technology, affordable price and a lot more.

At a time when big players were offering cell phones at huge price, the company phones at lesser price offering similar features including advanced and high mega-pixel camera, music, good in-built memory with expandable memory option, speedy Internet features and gaming. All these things together made it Spice an option for customers to choose their pick.


Spice has wide range of phones. Some of the multi-sim supported phones are M6363 and M5151. With amazing battery back-up, the phones have got wide screen and superb resolution. Both the phones have in-built 2-megapixel camera for the photography freaks. For the music lovers, both the phones feature multiple codec playable media players, FM radio to tune it to your favourite music station without connecting headphones. One can also playback favourite audio and video tracks with good music quality.

Spice phones are GPRS supported, giving facility to users to browse ultimate internet and downloading speed. With Bluetooth and USB connectivity, the phones allow faster data exchange via any supported medium. The phones have 7-hour battery back up on standard Li-ion battery.

The M and Mi series are among the latest Spice phone. The M67 phone allows 3D view of images and videos. With features such as 2MP camera, radio, MP3 player, expandable memory up to 16 GB, GPRS and WAP technology, is one of the good phones. The other models in this series include M-4242, M-4250, M-4580n, M-5161n, M-5170, M-5262, M-5454 and M-6262. These are multi-sim supported, MP3 player and FM, LED torch phones.

The QT series is meant for the ones who always want to remain connected to social media sites or like to indulge in frequent SMS to their friends. The Mi-300 is based on the Android operating system and equipped with Internet, Wi-Fi, touch screen and 5 MP camera making it a true smartphone.

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