Quality Cases to Protect Your Sensitive Products

When you have critical gear that needs to make it with you to another location, it’s imperative that you have the right case. Of course, there are numerous cases on the market to handle everything from computers, weapons and electrical components or even bottles of wine, but the majority of these carrying cases are not designed to handle the rigors of travel, especially for sensitive gear.

Choose the Case with the Size and Features that Meet Your Protection Needs

When looking at case dimensions, keep in mind that you will want to ensure that the dimensions specified refer to the internal size of the case. Choosing a case based on external measurements can result in a product that is too small to fit the item you need to protect. Additionally, when foam inserts are used, this extra bulk needs to be accounted for when determining the overall size of the case you need.

Consider which Features are Necessary

If you’re looking for an airtight, waterproof case for your camera, chances are the case isn’t going to be large enough to require wheels. However, cases for other products might be significantly larger and smooth rolling wheels can make it much easier to transport your item through the airport, customs or even your work location. Pay particular attention to the type of locking mechanism as well as the weight of the case. Companies, such as Case Cruzer, offer a variety of cases to fit various needs. Whether it’s a watertight case or you need a case that is sand and dust proof, you’ll find quality cases in various sizes. Additionally, there are cases that are designed to withstand airplane travel as well as extreme weather.

Understanding Foam Load for Your Case

Quality cases typically offer the option of choosing an empty case or choosing a case with pre-scored foam inserts. If you’re relying on foam inserts to protect your equipment, it’s important to understand foam load. The item being shipped has a foam load for each side that touches the foam inserts. The foam load for each side of the item is calculated by dividing the weight of the product by the surface area on that side.

Sensitive equipment often requires special handling and with the right case, you’ll be able to move your products with minimal risk. Choose the right case for the product and you’ll get optimal protection from drops, humidity and other potential risks.

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