5 Ways Arc Flash Analysis Protects the Health of Employees

Having a professional arc flash hazard analysis done at your business is a great way to extend the health protection your employees need from the dangers of high-voltage electricity. Below are five ways that this type of analysis can help your employees.

Locating Vulnerable Employees Needing Arc Flash Hazard Training

Multi-departmental companies with numerous employees can have difficulty keeping up who has had required arc flash safety training and those that still need it. Arc flash analysis will identify each employee and whether they have the necessary training. No individual employee will fall through the cracks. Everyone will get the basic electrical safety information needed to keep from getting hurt.

Demonstrating Hazards In the Field

An in-depth arc flash hazard analysis will involve walking through every area of the business and identifying each hazard that can lead to this problem. Field workers will also be evaluated for safety concerns. Problems with faulty wiring, corrosion of equipment, potential equipment failure, and other problems can be noted and fixed.

Assisting Employers to Incorporate Electrical Safety Guidelines

Establishing electrical safety guidelines are an incredibly positive outcome possible from a thorough arc flash hazard analysis. Every possible piece of helpful information and safe method of performing job duties can be outlined to ensure safety around electricity.

Clear Labeling and Location of All Dangerous Electrical Panels

All employees will be made aware of exactly where electrical panels are in proximity to their work location. A diagram will be posted that shows the location of all electrical panels throughout the facility. It will help bring about a greater awareness of the dangers that lurk and areas to be careful and mindful in or around.

Assisting Documentation of Workman’s Comp Claim Paperwork

Workman’s comp paperwork can be tedious. An arc flash analysis can find ways to simplify the documentation process. Compensation can be had without it being a long process seemingly without end. Streamlining the process will prove helpful in gathering needed information while allowing the employee the time they need to heal.

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