Protect Your Metals With The Same Coating Used By Major Airplane Manufacturers

If you have metal products that you want to protect from corrosion, there are only a few options worthy of the money you’ll spend. Nycote Laboratories Corporation has a liquid finish that, once applied to metals, protects against the corrosion that can affect the quality of the metal. As a protectant used in the production of airplanes and jets, it has been proven effective under the most stressful conditions.

Untreated metal can rust and erode, as moisture, wind, and foreign objects bombard the surface of the metal. This is most apparent, when airplanes and commercial jets travel back and forth across the country on a daily basis. From snow and sleet to heavy tropical storms, airlines subject their planes to a number of meteorological events.

To combat the effect that the elements have on metal surfaces, companies like Boeing, Airbus, and Embraer trust Nycote to protect their products. The formula combines polymers and an epoxy to create a protective barrier that minimizes damage and results in fewer maintenance issues over time. As the Nycote solution is applied, pinholes are eliminated and the surface of the metal is freed from any voids or blemishes that might otherwise weaken the integrity of the metal.
This metal protective coating from Nycote Laboratories Corporation is convenient, as well as effective in offering the best protection for metal surfaces. It takes just a little preparation of the surface to ensure it’s clean and clear of contaminants. Once that step is complete, Nycote goes on simply and easily and can be applied either by spraying or painting it onto the surface, or the part to be coated may be dipped into the solution.

Once the solution dries, it forms a continuous film, free of holes or voids. This coating protects against oxidation, conductive elements, and other types of corrosion. Additionally, the formula used for Nycote complies with all EU/IATA/REACH regulations and can be adapted with a special tint, upon the customer’s request.

When it comes to protecting metal products, there are few resources that can perform the job well. Nycote Laboratories strives to make their liquid coating the best on the market, using an innovative formula that ensures convenience and effectiveness.

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