Advanced Technologies in Metal Recycling

In the last three decades, recycling has become widespread for good reason. Reusing materials is good for the atmosphere, for the planet, and for humans. Reducing waste and unnecessary industrial processes makes good sense—and cents. One of the best materials to recycle is scrap metal. A number of technologies have evolved to make this process more efficient.

Advanced Sorting Techniques

In many cities, recyclables are received in a collection of mixed materials including paper, plastics, and metals. Efficient systems quickly remove the paper, leaving plastics and metals. Next, electrical currents are turned on over the materials. These currents affect only the metals. This technique is called eddy current, and it is even effective at separating non-metallic aluminum from plastics.

Metal Separation

Recyclers must separate ferrous metals that contain iron from non-ferrous metals that do not. Advanced magnets quickly and easily accomplish this task, as ferrous metals are strongly attracted to the magnetic force. Sometimes large magnets are fitted onto big machinery such as cranes to separate metals. Businesses that handle scrap vehicles, for example, use this technique. Metals are then rendered easier to handle through industrial processes using pulverizer disks Phoenix AZ.

Metal Recovery in Electronics

A number of precious metals are used in manufacturing electronics. These materials include:

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Silver
  • Copper

As components are small and sometimes include mixed materials, advanced separation techniques have been developed in order to recover as much metal as possible. Many large recycling operations use X-rays and infrared scanning in order to find precious metals. The names for specific advanced techniques using sensors include pyrometallurgy, biotechnology, and hydrometallurgy.

Making the Most of Metal

Many everyday objects contain materials that can be recycled and reused either in the same form or in a completely new application. Metals are one of the most popular materials to recycle. The recycling industry has developed high-end processes to separate and locate metals in order to save and reuse them. In fact, scrap metals can be reused for many years, benefitting people and the planet they call home.


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