May 13, 2017

Labeling Compliance for Medical Products

Labeling compliance rules are in place to ensure that medical products make it to the patients that need them. Extreme care should be taken to guarantee they are accurate and easy to read. below are a few of the specifics of proper medical product compliance labeling. Continue reading »

Apr 13, 2017

Three Digital Advertising Services That Can Keep Your Company Growing

In today’s world, more and more corporate leaders are realizing that having a strong online presence can take their organization’s conversion rates from average to incredible. Another great benefit of digital advertising is that it can make your brand global in reach. With these ideas in mind, it’s a good idea to learn about online marketing services that can help your company experience substantive, ongoing growth. Here are three of them: Continue reading »

Apr 10, 2017

Make the happiness and development of your team a priority

Just about every company wants to create a culture that both stimulates and motivates their employees to be more productive and successful. However, it’s impossible to cultivate this type of atmosphere if your employees aren’t happy. This is why creating a company culture that places an emphasis on the happiness and development of its members is a smart goal. Continue reading »

Mar 13, 2017

Benefits Of Sharing Digital Images

Medical imaging is a way that doctors can easily see areas of the body without performing surgery or other types of tests that can sometimes be invasive for the patient. After the scan is completed, the images are digitally sent to the doctor. There are quite a few benefits of this type of file sharing instead of waiting on the images to be produced like a picture that you might take with a camera. Continue reading »

Mar 13, 2017

Training In Cloud Software

Cloud computing has become wildly popular these days and in some cases in the norm. Financial analysis training is especially important for those who work in fields like accounting or who do taxes at home. Those people who get ahold of this software will inevitably learn more about computer software than they ever have in their lives by taking one of these classes. Continue reading »

Mar 2, 2017

Benefits Of Time Tracking Software

While traditional manual employee time-management techniques worked well in the past, they have quickly become outdated with the advent of specialized time-management software. Here are some of the benefits that one can expect when incorporating this software into their business.

1. No more having to waste time repeatedly answering the same questions of how many sick days are left or how many vacation days are still available. Employees can log-in to their own portal via the software and manage their own time-off. This transfers the responsibility from the payroll department to each individual employee. Continue reading »

Feb 16, 2017

Small Business Owners: How to Promote your Computer Repair Shop

Trying to compete with larger corporations can be both frustrating and daunting. This is especially true for small business computer repair shops who have a modest budget. Thankfully, there are several ways you can promote your services without spending a fortune on advertising. Continue reading »

Nov 27, 2016

Zenfone 3 Deluxe is NOW Available!

The world’s first full-metal smartphone that redefined the Android superphone category is finally here! Get ready to experience the unrivaled performance of the #ASUS #Zenfone 3 Deluxe*. Limited stocks only, so get yours in select stores and kiosks. Continue reading »

Nov 25, 2016

OPPO introduces new partners, limited edition F1s

OPPO may have already become the country’s second bestselling smartphone, but the brand remains committed to increasing its market share in ASEAN’s fastest growing mobile market.

In less than three months since the F1s sold out immediately after its debut in August, OPPO introduces a limited edition metallic grey variant of its celebrated camera phone—the F1s Limited. Continue reading »

Oct 30, 2016

ASUS ROG Announces The Imperator Ultra Gaming DIY PC

As ASUS Republic of Gamers celeberates its 10th year, ROG is proud to offer a full DIY PC made with the best ASUS and ROG products available.

CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K
MB: ROG Maximus VIII Formula
VGA: ROG STRIX GTX 1080 Advanced
SSD: 240GB
PSU: 750W Gold Efficiency
Cooler: 360mm AIO cooler with RGB fans
Casing: ROG Certified In Win 509 Aura Casing Continue reading »

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