Coming July 11th the iPhone 3G

July 11, 2008, the 3G iPhone will reach the snatching hands of the crazed public. Some of the features sported by this popular device include:

• built-in GPS (A-GPS)
• support for 3G networks
• additional language support
• enhanced email handling
• MobileMe for managing your email, calendar, contacts etc…
• 3.5 inch display
• 8GB or 16GB flash drive
• WiFi and Bluetooth
• 2 megapixel camera with photo geotagging (not sure what that means or how it will work)
• and much more…

The 3G iPhone is presented with the lines: “Twice as fast. Half the price.” The price will start at $199.

Lucky for those in the States and the UK, they will be able to get the iPhone 3G on July 11th, the price that was revealed at the WWDC 2008 is $199 which is very affordable indeed.

The iPhone 3G will now be affordable for near on everyone, you will be able to get a 16GB model for $299 which comes in black or white versions, remember back when the 8GB first iPhone came out with price tag of $599 which now sells for $399. The 8GB Apple 3G iPhone will only cost $199. “70 countries this year. We’re going to start with 22 of the biggest, rolling out the iPhone 3G at the same time in all of these countries. July 11.”
This means the maximum amount you will pay around the world for the 16GB model will be $199. The 3G iPhone is the most amazing phone to date there is no doubting that especially with the fact and of course now official with having fast 3G wireless technology, support for enterprise features like Microsoft Exchange and GPS mapping. This new phone makes the first iPhone which I have now look stupid. This new device redefines what a mobile phone really can do and more. This is technology at its best.

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