Add “Take Ownership” Context menu

Some, or should I say, many folders in windows vista are protected from changes and
require administrative approval for you to change every time. This can be annoying specially when you’re in a hurry to delete a file or a folder. Good thing Rich of created a “hack” to add “take ownership” on the context menu on explorer files/folders.

Take ownership context menu
"Take ownership" context menu

Here’s how its done

First you just need to download the “take ownership” file here

– Unzip the archive and double click InstallTakeOwnership.reg.

– Click yes on the prompt

click yes
click "yes"

And you’re done!

How to use it?

Press and hold the “shift” key on your keyboard and right click on the file or folder that you wish to take ownership. Click “take ownership” context menu.

To uninstall, just double click the “RemoveTakeOwnership.reg” inside the archive.

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