PC: To buy or to Build?

A closer look inside my rig

Most of the time, I tell all the people who wants to buy a PC to just build it themselves. Why? There are certain factors or issues that you might want to consider in owning a new PC. You might be new to this and not really comfortable in choosing the right components but the truth is, it is not that hard to just build your own PC rather that buying a pre-built PC.

Here are some disadvantages in buying a pre-built PC:

– It is way too expensive

– Limited component upgradability

– Most pre-built pc are already equipped with an Operating System. Thus you cannot get a direct technical support from the original OS manufacturer unless you can pay extra to them. FYI: pre-installed OS’ tech support should be supported by the manufacturer of the pre-built PC or to where did you bought it.

Pre-built PC‘s casing are cheap, mostly made of low quality materials that tend to break in a short span of time and it provides very weak cooling inside the rig.

There you go.. Those are just few of the disadvantages in buying a pre-built PC.

Rock solid, heart touching!

On the other behalf, here are some advantages of building a PC:

– It can be expensive, It can be cheap. It’s really up to your needs or wants whether you’ll be using your PC to just browse the internet, render a video, play hardcore games etc. Of course, the more what you want, the more you need to spend.

– You can actually upgrade almost all of the components inside your PC. Starting from your motherboard, graphics card, power supply and even its coolers! This is where computer enthusiast forums come in handy. You just need to read, read, read and ask if you need help.

– 24/7 (depends on the OS manufacturer) Technical support without further charges assuming that you bought your OS seperately.And oh, it needs to be a  legit copy. 🙂

– You’ve got to know eventually how to troubleshoot your computer hardware yourself just in case there’s a problem because you now know a bit about what’s going on inside of it.

Currently, I own a home built PC. I just made it myself. I was really afraid way back when I was just starting because I’m not really familiar with PC stuff. My first PC looks awful and not so stable. So I joined PC enthusiast forums and learned a lot from the pros starting from my computer’s bling up to its performance.

If you’ve got questions don’t ever hesitate to leave a comment down there and ask. 🙂

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