Coleman Quickbed with built-in speakers for MP3 players

If you’re still planning a camping trip before the summer ends and don’t like the idea of roughing it or any spoilers, you might want this mattress. Yes, not only will it keep you from lying directly on all those sharp pointy rocks, but it also tosses in a set of speakers to sweeten the deal. Basically, it’s an air mattress to take camping for people who hate camping.

I’m not sure why there is a trend lately with overly high tech air mattresses, but for some reason they keep showing up. Not too long ago there was the air mattress that actually inflated to raise up so you could sit at an angle on it. The built-in 4D QuickPump will deflate and inflate your mattress hands-free. To keep that part powered you’ll need 4 D batteries. Then it also has a built-in amplifier and a set of speakers that can connect to an MP3 player. You can purchase the mattress in both queen sized and twin. The queen mattress will cost you $50 from Amazon.

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