AOC V22+ Verfino – Absolutely Brilliant Color LED Monitor

V22-fElegant allure

Only when viewed from the side does it become clear how slim these displays really are: no more than 18.5mm – the term ‘depth’ applies here at all. With their timeless, classic design and oval, luxury wine-glass base made from toughened glass, the Verfino models make a lasting impression. Contrasting with the piano black finish is a colorful acrylic strip on the monitor’s lower section, where you’ll also find an ergonomic, galvanized navigation ring for easy screen adjustment.

Technology par excellence

At the heart of the Verfino V22+ model is high performance LCD panels, which in combination with the White LED backlights facilitate an extraordinarily high dynamic contrast ratio of up to 1,000,000: 1. The advantages are obvious: vivid color saturation as well as crisp, minute detailing, even in darker scenes. And thanks to breakneck reaction times of 2 milliseconds, rapid motion sequences can also be enjoyed distortion-free.

The convenient i-Menu software means all adjustments are indicated by colorful, self-explanatory symbols that you can control with the click of a mouse.

Multimedia versatility

Kitted out with an analogue D-Sub RGB input and a digital HDMI port (HDCP compatible), the models accommodate connection options for all standard signal sources.

With a 1.3 Megapixel webcam in addition to accompanying software, a microphone and two discreet in-built loudspeakers, these displays are the quintessential all-rounders for videoconferencing, films, games, chats and multimedia sessions.

Environmental protection in focus

Protection of the environment using green technology is a top priority at AOC.b “Compared to many conventional models, Verfino stands out by consuming approximately 28.95% less power. Featuring an Eco-mode, these displays are completely mercury-free and fulfill the highest international environmental standards (RoHs, EPEAT Silver). In addition, this module uses 100% recycling pulp mold to achieve green carton.

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