Iomega Skin-branded hard drives


Technology nowadays give us so much breather. And external hard drives can be a bit boring. But wait a sec. That cant be always true! Iomega, a trusted name when it comes to such storage products have just rolled out a new line of their “Skin Branded Hard Drives”. These brand new hard drives will boast custome Skin-branded graphics and can surely save tons of your files wether if its your baby shower invitations or your downloaded movies while guaranteeing an eye candy gadget to everyone!

First among the three would be the “Radical” Skin Hard Drive model that features a retro Skin-branded printed logo design on a black top with a vibrant yellow base. The red skin features a deep color red with an “Skin” incription at the back. Last one is my personal favorite. Its called “Knock Out” Skin Hard Drive model that boasts a dark, mysterious aura with a “Skin” Gothic logo design on a silver top with a black base. These drives are also equipped with Iomega’s standard Drop Guard protection for added safety. Estimated cost of these eye candies are about $119.99 when it hit the market.

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