Asia and Europe: still on queue for Sony’s Google TV

Google Inc., the internet company based in mountain view, is likely to have been having issues in releasing the Sony Corporation’s Google TV specially in China.

Sony seems to be recently itching to introduce its Web-surfing Google TV but customers in Asia and Europe might have to wait for more than a year says by Yoshida Ishida, Sony’s senior executive last Thursday.

Google’s conflict with its relations to Chinese Government might be the culprit according to Ishida. In March, Google pulled its search engine from China in protests about censorship issues and the future between the nation and the top search engine company still remains a question mark.

There are no signs of issues in releasing the Web-TV in Europe though but Sony’s horses are still tight giving no answer as to when will it be released.

“We want to sell it as soon as possible, But I cannot give a date now.” -Yoshida Ichida, Sony Corp.

Big companies and alike should always be hopeful about the Chinese Market due to its massive population size and number of internet customers.

Should the conflict between a Company and a Nation be really an obstacle in bursting out a technology that people can indulge with?

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