Power Bullet Charger

We love going to geek conventions – gaming conventions, comic-cons, sci-fi cons, we’re into it. Sometimes we’ll even drive or fly halfway across the country for a good one. Problem is, when you jam multiple geeks into one vehicle for a long road trip, it’s hard to keep everyone’s devices juiced up. Then when we get to the hotel room – also packed to geek capacity – there aren’t enough outlets to keep all our laptops, netbooks, and iPhones (oh my!) charged. Instead of fighting over who gets the shower first, we’re fighting over who gets what outlet, and unplugging all the lamps in the room in the process.

The Power Bullet will save you and your friendships. We’re gonna go right out on a limb and say that because you know it’s true. This black beauty will plug into a car charger or a standard outlet and charge up to 2 USB devices simultaneously. In your car, you can keep the GPS running, check cheap auto insurance online on your laptop  and charge up one additional cell phone or handheld device, too. In your hotel room, you can charge two phones with one plug, leaving the others open for your netbooks. No more fighting, no more dead devices. Just peace, harmony, and full batteries. Geek utopia, friends, geek utopia.

Product Specifications

USB charger for your home or vehicle
Connect and charge 2 USB devices at once
Power plug folds up when using Power Bullet in the car
No more fighting over whose phone stays charged on long car trips!
Great for geeks who travel – use it in your hotel room

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