Google blocks rooted android users on movie rentals

Google recently unveiled the movie rental service on Android market and a lot of Android users were so much excited to try the service out. Bad news though for Android users with rooted device as they are currently getting a specific error whenever they try to access the movie rental site: “Failed to fetch license for [movie title] (error 49).

I know a friend whose a document management software user and he’s one of those guys that are getting such error message. “It’s ridiculous, I’d rather stick with my iPhone and junk this!”, says him. I certainly understand his point though as iPhone jailbroken devices are able to access video rental services on, lets say for example Netflix.

Let me clear myself though, I am not in any way against by that move. Google or movie studios or whoever blocks rooted devices on movie rentals in Android market has their own reasons as to why. But is this how Google really want to do in winning the hearts of their counterpart users?

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