Facebook for Android gets a major update

Any Facebook for Android users here? We’ve got a great news for you! Social media giant Facebook has just released an update version 1.6 for Facebook for Android app. This update incorporates some major improvements and added features that users are looking forward to in such new releases.

For the first time ever, Facebook for android app users are now able to upload their videos on their profile, thanks to this update. Access to Facebook Pages is also now supported along with some reported news feed improvements.

I’ve just updated my Facebook for Android app and so far, its so good (HTC Wildfire). Personally, what I’d like about this update is the ability to access Facebook Pages without getting redirected to the mobile browser. Also, I am not much after uploading videos but uploading videos right into one’s Android smartphone is such a good idea as most Facebook users are not knowledgeable, or should I say ‘too lazy’, enough to upload their videos on the site. This might also reverse the trend of just sharing videos on user’s walls, since uploading videos is now mobile, people might share more of their own videos rather than sharing other’s videos.

Facebook for Android still needs a lot of improvements though in terms of usability and compatibility. Couple of lags and such issues are still reported on some Android devices so we are still expecting more from Facebook mobile devs in the coming days.

Have you got any specific feature that you wish Facebook should be taken care of? Share your Facebook for Android app experience on the comments below and let us know what you would like Facebook for Android to improve.

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