Urbanears Zinken Review

Say hello to the most ambitious headphone created by Urbanears yet, the Zinken!

Zinken is a brand new approach to the concept of a headphone as a musical instrument. Developed with the professional DJ in mind, with respect to the wallet of the unpaid amateur, Zinken is chock-full of handy features that you never even knew you needed.


Designed for amateur DJs, Zinken is a comfortable pair of cans. Actually I can wear them for hours. The caps swivel, so DJs can listen for the next song through one ear cup while keeping the beat of the ambient music.

The ear cushions are made with increased foam density, multiplying the comfort factor while providing superior noise isolation.

The Zinken’s collapsible design also makes storage and transport easy, so you can toss them in your bag and be on your way without worrying about space or damage.

For the colors, I already saw Coral and Blue. Other colors of Zinken will soon to be announce.


The TurnCable, which is partially coiled up, is made of a strong Kevlar core and gives jockeys additional reach without the cord getting in their way. It’s Urbanears’ solution for an adapter-free life. Completely detachable, the TurnCable comes with two plugs, one on each end. There’s a 6.3mm plug on one end for DJ sessions and a 3.5mm plug for music listening on the other.


Zinken is designed to provide superior noise isolation so that it excels in DJs environments, while bringing you a sound that’s relaxed and warm, making your listening experience comfortable and enjoyable. To achieve this, our sound engineers tweaked the sound so that it comes as close to an ideal sound curve as possible. To get into specifics, Zinken’s custom-designed 40 mm dual diaphragm drivers are finely tuned to provide amazing sound across the entire frequency spectrum, with slight adjustments to the low and high frequencies.

And like the Plattan headphones, Zinken also includes an audio-sharing port, useful for when users want to listen to music with friends without blasting it through a club’s hi-fi speakers.

Urbanears Zinken will have its global launch this coming July 16, 2012 and soon to arrive in your favorite Urbanears resellers.

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