5 Steps to Grow Your Freelance Business

Are you a freelancer?  Are you thinking about becoming one?

If you are ready to ditch your 9 to 5 job or you simply want to earn a bit of side income, providing freelance services is a great way to do that.

Whether your field is working as a virtual assistant, writing, accounting, tutoring or any of the many other fields out there that convert to lucrative freelance work, there are steps you will need to take to gain clients.


1.  Set up a website.  One of the first steps to making extra money is to set up a website for your business.  You’ll need to purchase a domain name and hosting, such as Intechnology.  You can either create the website yourself or hire someone.  However, don’t feel you need a fancy site right away; you can improve on your original site as you make more money.

2.  Put out word of mouth advertising.  Once you have set up your business, tell everyone you know that you are offering freelance services.  Likely, your friends and family may know people who would like to use your services.

3.  Get testimonials.  As you gain more and more satisfied clients, ask for testimonials.  You will be able to use these testimonials on any brochures or the website you have developed for your business.

4.  Ask for referrals.  Once you are done working with a satisfied client, ask them if they know of anyone who may benefit from your services.  This simple step can generate new leads.

5.  Start a blog on your website.  This step is not for everyone, but if you can create a blog providing useful content particular to your freelance services, you may get more jobs.  For instance, if you are a math tutor, why not blog about ways to feel more comfortable doing math or some math tricks and tips to appeal to potential customers.

If you are looking to make extra money, do some of these few simple steps, and you will soon find potential clients.  Ideally, they will tell others about you, and your business will grow.

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