A comparison of gaming on a tablet or smartphone

Lots of people play popular game-types like role playing games and online casino on smartphones these days, which is likely to continue as options like mobile casino continue to make it easier. However, despite the popularity of smartphone gaming, some people still find it deficient due to the small screen and relatively low processor power that they offer in comparison to playing on a PC. Tablets have now also arrived as a kind of middle ground between phones and PCs – but are they better or worse as a gaming option? 


Well perhaps the biggest single advantage presented by tablets is that they have far larger screens – for example the Nexus 7 Google Android tablet has a 7-inch display compared with the Nexus 4 smartphone produced by the same company. This is obviously an advantage when you are playing games that require close visual focus, e.g. poker or other types of strategy game. The size of the screen is not the only key issue here though, and some smartphones feature better pixel density than tablets (for example the Nexus 4 has 316 ppi, while the Nexus 7 tablet only has 216). Although it just one example, the greater clarity and sharpness this offers will improve the visual quality of RPG, adventure, casino and other popular kinds of games – demonstrating that the issue is more complex.

It is also hard to say whether tablets or smartphones are superior for gaming in terms of processing power, as many of both feature quad-core, rather than dual-core processors these days. The issue is similarly variable in terms of RAM and internal storage space. The Nexus 4 smartphone has the same of the former (2GB), but just 16GB of the latter compared with the Nexus 7’s 32GB. The one area where it is possible to definitely choose is in convenience, as smartphones are always smaller and more convenient to carry around and game on than tablets – so maybe they are still the jackpot for gamers.





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