What Fonts Work for Powerpoint Presentations?

When you create your own slideshow presentation or contact a professional to help you with it, one of the most important things to consider is what type of font you want to use. It is best to stick with one or two fonts – using one as the base and the other to accent certain points – but they have to be functional.

In many ways, you just want to think about what to avoid. A cursive font might look beautiful on the computer screen, but it is hard to read. Those in the audience are going to be frustrated by trying to read it or they are just going to glance over it without actually trying to decipher anything.

You are best off with simple fonts with straight lines and well-defined edges. You want them to be basic enough that they do not stand out and draw attention to themselves. You may feel like these are far too simplistic, but you can get your creative side some work in other ways, adding pictures or videos. Creative fonts are usually just distracting and unnecessary.

Finally, you want to pick a font that is fairly bold. If the lines are too thin and slight, they are not going to stand out nearly enough, especially at the back of a room. If you really love the look of a thin font, try using it and literally turning everything to bold so that it ends up looking more normal on the projection screen.

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