Insuring that your Metallization goes as Planned

If you are looking into metalizing your glassware and mirrors, there are several companies to choose from. Metallizing your glassware does not have to be a difficult process for you. Instead, you can rely on other people to do the work, and you can collect the glassware or mirrors when the process is complete. Before you get started, it is important to know what metallizing is, what products it works best on and the testing that is done on the product when the process is complete.

Metallizing and what it Does

Metallizing is a pretty self-explanatory process. It simply means that a product is going to be made to look like metal. Different companies sell different services along with simply making the product look like metal. Vergason Technology, Inc. actually provides vacuum metallizing services that include EMI/RFI/ESD Electronic shielding. This type of shielding is typically found in avionics, military hardware and automotive electronics. Other companies also provide this services, so make sure to check into the services that are included when trying to find the business that you want to deal with.

Products that can be Metallized

You can have almost anything metallized. In fact, most companies nowadays do not even need to have a conductive surface. Items made from PVC, glass, plastic and metal can be metalized. The reason that glass and plastic used to be eliminated from metallizing is because they do not have a conductive surface, but with today’s technology that has changed. In today’s world, even a smooth glass surface can be metallized.

Testing Procedures on finished Products

There are various tests performed on the product before it is sent out of the shop. Some of the tests occur during the coating while others take place right before the product leaves the facility. The first tests conducted are generally upon arrival of the product to the facility. After that, multiple inspections are done during the process to insure that the metallization is successful. When the item is finished, it is then typically tested for reflectivity and to insure that the item has been properly coated.

Metallizing is becoming more and more popular is many industries. Many car manufacturers actually even mass produce metallized, plastic car parts so that the parts can be out on the shelves more quickly than if they had not mass ordered the metallization. Before have your product metallized, insure that you are dealing with a reputable company, and make sure that they have experience coating the product that you need done.

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