ASUS Incredible Workshops: RJ Ledesma’s Recipe for a Successful Business Start-Up

Aside from blogging, my wife and I also manage a small business which also needs the help of technology, in the form of a laptop and of course, with online “intervention”.

Having our own “family” business, demands a lot of time but I still manage to spend quality time together with my wife and my adorable daughter, Sam. I am able to do this because I let technology do its role in making my life easy. Yes, technology has been a big help to me as I don’t need to go places to market our products, I don’t need to personally see our customers and close “the deal” and I don’t have to struggle to be in a hurry to go home to open my PC as I always bring with me my laptop or my mobile phone so that I can access important files or go online anytime, anywhere!

Although we are already in the business for quite a while, I can still say that we still struggle to make it more successful as if we are still starting. Good thing I was given a chance to attend a workshop – Asus Incredible Workshop – a business workshop with the successful entrepreneur RJ Ledesma. On the said workshop, Mr. RJ Ledesma talked about Finding the Right Recipe for A successful Start-Up Business.


According to him, the recipe to make one’s business succeed should include:

  • Part smarts
  • Part hustle
  • Part balls
  • Part luck/Timing
  • All Prayer

He also added that the following should be included in the ingredients to make the right recipe:

  1. A cup of vision and ambition – make sure that you enjoy what you do
  2. A teaspoon of self and industry awareness – know your customers and your competitors, too!
  3.  A dash of innovation – deviate from what is ordinary or common, think of how you can make your products or service more interesting to the customers
  4. Generous serving of hard work and dedication – everyone knows that hard work always pay, right? How much more if sprinkled with dedication?
  5. A pinch of luck – see to it that your working environment imbibes positivity

In business, if all the ingredients are added together, coupled with patience, it will truly become successful in no time.

During the workshop, RJ Ledesma shared that one of his powerful tools that made him succeed in his business endeavours is the Asus Vivobook. Because of its powerful processor, he is able to beat the deadlines as multi tasking is not a problem. His 13-inch VivoBook Flip TP301 is super-light at 1.7kg and only 19.9mm thin. Despite this, storage is not an issue with it 1TB HDD storage. What also made it stand out from the other brands is its instant Response to The Lightest Touch, plus its ability to be flipped 360 degrees and long battery life that can last for up to 10 hours!

asus flipbook

For more details about Asus VivoBook Flip TP301, you can check out this site:

After the workshop, I can say to myself that I am on the right track and eventually, with just the right amount of ingredients and a little more trial and errors, my wife and I will be able to succeed.

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