Ballistic Shield – Can It Keep You Safe?

Ballistic shields are mostly used by people in law enforcement. It is that piece of metal that they carry around when in action (eg pacifying rallies or negotiating with kidnappers or robbers). To successfully use a ballistic shield, you should be able to carry it around to protect you effectively while at the same time be able to use your gun efficiently (if needed).

The question of ‘can a ballistic shield protect you?’ really depends on a lot of factors. The first one is training. How trained are you in using your ballistic shield? Can you move around freely while carrying it with you? Can you maneuver your gun and movements while holding this piece of metal to shield your body from potential gun bullets?

When choosing a ballistic shield, you should consider the following:

  • Design – do you prefer the traditional rectangular shield that can cover your entire body?
  • Weight – how much weight can you carry without affecting your movement
  • Ballistic shield test result – how much power it can shield you from. Can it stop a 9mm from reaching you or a .45 caliber from hitting you?
  • The handle – the handle should offer balance when you are carrying it, remember that carrying something for a period of time can cause stress fatigue. Carry a shield that you can carry without stressing a part of your arm
  • Maintenance – how long can you use a ballistic shield? The manufacturer will tell you the length of effectiveness of a specific shield

Importance of Ballistic Shield Test Result

This is one of the most important factors in choosing a shield. You should know what it can protect you from and what it cannot. A shield test will tell you if your shield is enough to keep you safe from a robber holding a 9mm or not. A ballistic shield test will also give you an estimated distance for safety. Most shields are safe from a 15 feet distance with no penetration.

When ordering a ballistic shield, always ask for a ballistic test so you can see with your own eyes if the shield is penetrable or not. A ballistic shield test will completely eliminate your doubt when it comes to the protection that a shield can provide.

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