What Is A Mag Drive Gear Pump?

Magnetically driven (or mag-drive) gear pumps are positive displacement pumps that are used for a variety of processes. As the name indicates, the rotation of the pump is caused by the inner and outer magnetics. The pump is responsible for metering, moving and circulating liquid. Oftentimes mag-drive pumps are used for hazardous or difficult liquids due to its superior design and function. Let’s look at what makes the mag-drive gear pump so special.


Mag drive gear pumps, such as the Liquiflo mag drive gear pump, are available in a variety of wear-resistant and corrosion resistant internal materials. High-alloy materials such as Titanium, 316 Stainless Steel and Alloy-C are used for the exterior parts. The materials are designed to work with specific chemicals such as corrosive liquids, solvents, caustics, polymers and acids. Additional accessories and ancillary options are available to further customize the gear pump such as gear reducers, relief valves, base plate mounting, temperature control jackets and variable speed drivers.


There are numerous advantages to using a magnetic drive gear pump. The pump is self-lubricating and sealless which not only creates a smooth flow but it decreases the amount of maintenance required due to seal failure. This increases reliability and is truly one of the greatest advantages of this type of pump. Mag-drive pumps are also ideal for pumping both hazardous and hygeininc liquids due to their ability to contain the liquid without leaking. This pump has also been designed to eliminate the need to align the pump or motor. 

Knowing the right gear pump to purchase can make your job easier. If you need a pump that is reliable and low maintenance and capable of pumping a variety of liquids in an efficient and safe manner, then a magnetic drive gear pump is the perfect choice for you.

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