How Are Centrifugal Pumps Used?

Centrifugal pumps are used in a variety of industries for many purposes. The pumps transfer fluids such as water using a rotating impeller creating centrifugal force that moves the fluids. The pumps are popular because of their moderate cost and ease of use. There is more than one type of centrifugal pumps. They are classified with three different stages with two different suction impeller designs to choose from. The right one for your application depends on how you plan to use it.


Berkeley centrifugal pumps work well to pump the water for swimming pools. During the summer months, the pumps keep the water flowing through the cleaner. Without pumping the water, the pool can grow algae and collect unwanted items.


Farmers use them for irrigation, drainage and food protection equipment. Sugar refining plants use the pumps in many of their equipment to process the cash crop for consumption. Some of the equipment in the food and beverage industry uses centrifugal pumps in their machinery.


The HVAC industry uses the pumps in air conditioning, heating and ventilation, fire protection sprinklers and boiler feed applications. They are used in the pharmaceutical industry, aerospace industry and manufacturing. Refrigerants and cryogenics equipment use the pumps to move liquids through the machine to cool or freeze.


Industrial applications include mining operations, power generation plants, chemical and petroleum businesses. The oil and energy industry uses the pumps in refineries and for pumping slurry, mud and crude oil.


Wastewater and water treatment facilities in municipalities rely on the pumps. Municipalities also use them for sewer drainage and supplying water.

With the many uses for centrifugal pumps, it is no wonder they are such a popular option for businesses and residential owners alike. Their low cost makes moving low viscosity liquids affordable for maintaining pools to working large-scale wastewater plants.

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