Finding a Small Business Defense Contract

If you’re running a small manufacturing business and you overlook the defense market, you could be doing yourself a disservice. The military has many manufacturing demands due to raised standards and reshoring. As long as you understand your requirements and are up to the challenge, your company could provide the military with secure and effective services.

Small Business Administration

To get a defense contract, you must first check with the Small Business Administration to ensure that the government would define your company as a small business. You should be able to show that your operations are based around profit, you meet the right size requirements, you operate in the United States and you are independent. If you check the National Technical Information Services website, you can get the NAICS code that identifies where your business stands in the market.


You will need a DUNS number before the government allows you to bid on projects. You can reach out to Dun & Bradstreet and obtain this number for free. Once you have a DUNS number for every spot where your business is located, you’re ready to create an account with the Federal Contractor Registry. From there, you can start bidding on government proposals.


A defense contract comes with high-stakes operations, so your business must run as efficiently as possible. You should hire certified engineers and machinists to make sure your products are in the best condition. If you’re working with aircraft, you should do research to find the best military fasteners distributors available. All projects should be finished on time without sacrificing quality.

Small business contractors earn billions of dollars every year in the United States. Military needs won’t go away any time soon, so you can enjoy long-term benefits if you find a good defense contract and live up to expectations.

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