Changing P1i System Fonts

Changed system font on P1i
Changed system font on P1i

Want to change the default (at times its called “boring”) system font of your P1i device? Here’s how its done….

*Please make sure that the current firmware installed on your device is GW1 or European F/W or else it wont work on any other F/W versions. Also please be reminded that we shouldn’t be overwriting the fonts installed on your system folder (C:/). We will just basically mirroring the font files that are installed on the system folder.

Ideally, you need a font that came with four styles, Regular, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic. But if in case that you cant find such font styles on your preferred font, you can still use even just the basic Regular font. You can try as many fonts as you want until you achieve your best results.

You’ve got the font now? Good!

-Let’s rename those fonts into:
If you’ve only got one regular font then just copy itself and rename the copied file into another “style-name” until you’ve got those four mentioned font names.

-Now we need to save your font into your memory stick. I highly recommend using a memory card reader when transferring files from your computer into your memory stick as using your phone as a reader can consume a lot of time.

-Create a “resource” (without the qoutes) folder on your D:/ (memory stick). Inside resource folder, create a “font” folder.

-Copy and paste your four fonts to the font folder that you’ve just created.

-Re-insert the memory stick into your computer

-Restart the SmartPhone

-Now smile!

Should you not see any difference after those steps then just please try another font.

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