“Smoking Everywhere” Electronic Cigarettes

The Electronic Cigarette
The Electronic Cigarette

Ever been struggling to stop the bad habit of smoking? I know and really understand what it feels like when you want to quit but cant help but to sip every time you crave for a cigarette. Good thing theres “Smoking Everywhere” Electronic cigarettes developed by  Smoking Everywhere, LLC based in Florida.

This high-tech electronic cigarette is a sophisticated microelectronic device designed to look like a real cigarette while produce the nicotine cigarette smokers crave in a completely non-flammable product which has no tobacco and zero milligrams of tar.

“When someone craves a smoke, they can just activate the electronic cigarette, puff on it like a normal cigarette, and inhale the nicotine-infused vapor that instantly evaporates into the air without a trace of secondhand smoke.” says Smoking Everywhere CEO Elicko Taieb. The vapor contains a small dose of nicotine to provide the hit or buzz that the typical cigarette smoker craves.

This will be great as a gift this holiday for someone who wants to quit smoking and live a healthier life.


  1. I tried to purchase from their site, and was somehow redirected to smokingeverywhere.NET instead of .COM…. same product, same name, same address and phone numbers on whois and contact us, but i never recieved the product

    they did promptly charge me however. I called and they had no record of my transaction although i recieved email confirmation and can go back to the .NET site and log in. It shows order placed but nothing for shipping date or tracking info… beware

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