Dell’s Adamo World’s Slimmest Laptop

Dell intends to wow you with its very latest creation, the Adamo, which they claim is the world’s slimmest laptop. The first pictures of the Adamo may shock you into disbelief but the statistics will convince you that this just may be true. The Adamo stands at just 1.64cm when closed and it relies heavily on this feat to impress the market.

Specifications of Adamo:
• Adamo is 33cm wide
• 24.1cm deep
• 1.65cm thick

That is why adamo called a slimmest laptop by beating the Macbook Air of Apple and the ThinkPad X300 by Lenovo, but dells beat them and based on the size, it loses many admirers because of the plain design.With the main framework made from a single piece of aluminum, the Adamo intends to come out as a simple though elegant piece.

Anyway, I think I need the best diet pills to get slim like that.

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