Apple iPhone 3.0 release time | Free Download Apple iPhone 3.0

What time will iphone 3.0 be available? What time will I be able to download the iphone 3.0 update on June 17th?

Apple has confirmed that the new iPhone 3.0 operating system will be available for iPhone 3G and iPhone users from 17 June.

The new OS update will be free to all users, however as previously revealed, it will cost £5.99 in the UK and $9.99 in the US for iPod touch customers.

The free iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update includes some great new features, as well as all the features from previous updates. iPhone OS 3.0 also lets you run the next generation of iPhone apps, like peer-to-peer games1 and more. If you’ve never updated before, now is the perfect time.

Already have an iPhone? Make it even better with great new features — including Cut, Copy & Paste and MMS2 — free with the iPhone 3.0 Software Update.

However not all the new features will be available to all users, AT&T in the US won’t be offering MMS messaging in the US until later in the summer, while only 22 of the 42 operators currently offering the Apple handset will be offering the tethering service that allows users to connect a laptop to the iPhone to surf from their computer rather than on the phone.

What time will iphone 3.0 be available?

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