Wired Electronic Reading Aid

It used to be that in order to read the fine print you just picked up a magnifying glass or even a pair of reading glasses. That takes far too much effort though, plus it’s just not the same unless you get to use a gadget to do even the most simple tasks. Well now instead of using those non-electronic devices, you can use the Wired Electronic Reading Aid. It’ll make the print easier to read and you’ll even get to use your TV.

The device is about the size of a computer mouse and it connects directly to your TV or you can hook it up to a monitor. Once it’s hooked up, it’ll allow for you to see your newspapers, magazines and anything else with small print. The lightweight device lets you zoom in and out on the text to get the right size. So next time you will read textbooks, you’ll not be having a hard time. You can purchase the Wired Electronic Reading Aid for $61.99.

Source: TechChee

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