Voice Interactive Personal Assistant

Guess your wife might want to get you the Voice Interactive Personal Assistant if she is paranoid about you cheating behind her back. After all, who would want to have s3x with a robot, much less start a relationship with one? We do wonder why are most gadgets equipped with the voice of a female when it comes to speech, perhaps it is the target market demographic that causes it to be so? Powered by a trio of AAA batteries, the $59.95 Voice Interactive Personal Assistant can also be powered when plugged into an AC outlet.

This is the personal assistant that records, schedules, and replays audio reminders via spoken commands. One verbal cue allows you to record up to 10 six-second voice memos that play at any specified time today, every day, or any day of the week. Say “Today’s Reminders” to hear all reminders for the day and when they will play, ensuring that you remember to take your medication, attend a grandchild’s recital, or complete a household chore or your treadmills time. A simple verbal request for “Help” reminds you of the 12 commands the device recognizes. The unit can be heard clearly 20′ away and its dimmable 2″ blue LED numbers are viewable in any light. It’s also a voice-operated alarm clock that responds to verbal queries in a pleasant female voice.

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