Car Town

A lot of people, of different ages, nowadays are spending more time on the internet rather than going out doing conventional stuff. Some are making money, some are just getting in touch with friends but most are playing online games!

One of the basic requirement of a gamer for their game is, well lets face it guys, it’s got to be free! And where else could you possibly find a site which offers socializing and free games? Think of an “F” word… Yeah right, FACEBOOK.

Recently I was introduced to this game called “Car Town”. The game is just simple as eating your rice crisp for breakfast. Basically, you were given an initial points and cash to buy your own car to start with. You build your own garage, create your service bays, hire your friends as your workers on your own service bays to do jobs such as washing a car.

You could possibly enjoy this game specially if you’re a car enthusiast. Car line up included in the game are awesome! Brands like Honda, Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet are considered ordinary cars while you could possibly own exotics like McLaren F1, Lamborghini LP670-4 SuperVeloce, Mercedes SLR McLaren and so on… Just name it!

Another thing is that you could race with your friends while interacting with them while you earn cash and experience points. I’ve got one important piece of advice though, always be safe and wear your setbelts and always use your rear convex mirrors. Well of course that applies on our real world of driving.

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